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Find answers to questions about allergies, asthma, food allergies or any other topic about your immune system.

Hay Fever – Allergic Rhinitis

My Doctor Doesn’t Listen

Posted on Sep 9, 2016
Dear Dr. Kagen, I visited my general practitioner for allergy problems I have been experiencing for approximately 3 years. The symptoms are: Sinus and head pressure, swollen irritated eyes, sleeping, groggy feeling, rundown, some dizziness etc. This occurs all year long and doesn’t seem to be triggered by any one [read more…]

Nasal Decongestants

Posted on Sep 9, 2016
Do you know of anything to use as a decongestant for swollen nasal passages that do not raise blood pressure? I have slightly high bp and can no longer take typical decongestants. However it is almost always difficult for me to breath through my nose lately — not because of [read more…]

Nasal Symptoms in Air Conditioning

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dr. Kagen, I was diagnosed to be severe allergic to dust, dust mite and roaches. I heard a lot that air condition can help you reduce into allergy.  Whenever I turn on the air condition in my house or in my car, I feel much worse. What is the possible [read more…]

Stress and Allergies

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
What are the effects of a stressful job (counselor) when that person has a past history of 15 years or more of allergies?   Thanks for asking about stress and allergies. When allergy symptoms are out of control, people feel more stressed, because the brain does not tolerate difficult breathing [read more…]

Pollen Maps in KagenAir App

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
I’m an allergy sufferer and was searching for an easy to read daily allergy map so I can keep track of the pollen levels for my area.  I found your maps in the KagenAir App to be incredible and was wondering about the legend.  What are the exact pollen counts [read more…]


Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dr. Kagen, I am amazed at the accuracy of your predictions of pollen levels here in the Pacific Northwest. How do you predict what the trees are going to do? What factors are involved? I have a particularly hard time with the alder pollen. I am OK up to the [read more…]

Children with Allergies

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dear Dr. Kagen, If a child has a runny nose, is the color of the discharge important? For example if the color is green would this be more of an indicator of infection? Thanks!   Thank you for asking about nasal mucus and the meaning of its color. Nasal secretions [read more…]

Bad Allergies

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dear Dr. Kagen, I had allergies in early childhood.  The doctor told my mother not to worry, that I would grow out of it.  Happily the doctor was right and I did “grow out” of my allergies. That is, until this year.  For the first time in 15+ years I’ve [read more…]

My Son’s Eyes

Posted on Sep 5, 2016
To Whom it May Concern: I hope that you will be able to answer a question…actually a few questions concerning allergies and the eyes. My son, age 4 has had the pinkeye 10 times in the last year…We currently reside in IN. We lived in TN and in SC before [read more…]

New Allergies

Posted on Sep 4, 2016
Dr. Kagen, I live in AZ and have terrible allergies in the spring and summer. It seems like over the years, I’ve gotten rid of some secondary allergy problems and gained new ones! Is this normal? I used to get bad nasal drainage in my throat which would lead to [read more…]
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