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Find answers to questions about allergies, asthma, food allergies or any other topic about your immune system.


Cough at Night in My 4-Year Old Daughter

Posted on Nov 16, 2016
Hello Dr Kagen – My 4 year old daughter coughs lot during the night or after eating food,  the coughing will happen when she catches cold – but cold will go but her coughing will be there for longtime. Our doctor told us that she could have mild persistent asthma, [read more…]

My Doctor Doesn’t Listen

Posted on Sep 9, 2016
Dear Dr. Kagen, I visited my general practitioner for allergy problems I have been experiencing for approximately 3 years. The symptoms are: Sinus and head pressure, swollen irritated eyes, sleeping, groggy feeling, rundown, some dizziness etc. This occurs all year long and doesn’t seem to be triggered by any one [read more…]

Diesel Emissions and Allergy

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dr Kagen: I am a computer systems project manager who started a new job 6 months ago – and developed contact dermatitis on my face 2 months ago, which I am sure is related to the very, very sick building I am working in. I would like copies of any [read more…]

Pollen Maps in KagenAir App

Posted on Sep 8, 2016
I’m an allergy sufferer and was searching for an easy to read daily allergy map so I can keep track of the pollen levels for my area.  I found your maps in the KagenAir App to be incredible and was wondering about the legend.  What are the exact pollen counts [read more…]


Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Dr. Kagen, I am amazed at the accuracy of your predictions of pollen levels here in the Pacific Northwest. How do you predict what the trees are going to do? What factors are involved? I have a particularly hard time with the alder pollen. I am OK up to the [read more…]

Allergy in My 1½ Year Old

Posted on Sep 4, 2016
Dr. Kagen – Our 1½ yr old has had repeated upper respiratory tract infections and ear infections. She has been on multiple doses of antibiotics which seem to do little or no good at all. She has fits of coughing and wheezing. However, when we take her to the doctor’s [read more…]
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